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It starts here.

It starts with thank you for reading this. Thank you for the moments you spend reading what I write. Maybe it's just today, maybe you'll be back for more, maybe you won't even finish this paragraph. But you're here now and I appreciate that you are.

I'd love to skip the introduction part of starting a blog, but you know that whole thing about first impressions. I am an intricately crafted over-thinker disguised as a regular, stuck, unsure and awkward 30-something. Up until recently, I was a goal-setter thriving only on the end game which was to open my own Montessori school by the time I turned 30. I set that goal 10 years ago and have come to realize, I was working so hard to get it that I didn't notice when I stopped actually wanting it.

Today, I find myself with no plan, no concrete goals, and just less than enough motivation to take the risk of starting over. All of that has brought me here. To a place where I can publicly express my observations of life and the world and develop some thoughts that will hopefully be inspiring, funny, informative, and helpful. You'll likely find the inspiration to be blunt, the humor to be dry, the information simple, and the help unexpected. Writing has always made me feel more real, more connected, and like there was something meaningful that I could leave behind to anyone willing to hear me. I hope these words and all of the words that come after are worth your time. I hope you're here to stay and that this is the start of an endless adventure.

Alright. Let's do it. My first post. Inspired and indirectly encouraged by Shirley MacLaine through a movie I watched on my first day off since the New Year (happy 2020 y'all). Found on Hulu - so basic, I know - entitled The Last Word (2017). I honestly feel like if Rachel Hollis were to write a movie, this is what it would look like (maybe without the swearing). Anyways, there are a few quotes that made me feel like these characters knew me and they were screaming "GO BE PRODUCTIVE" and "FIND YOUR PURPOSE". So here I am friends ready to drop an inspiration bomb right in your lap.

It starts with a man. One of the many things you'll learn about me throughout this journey is that I have tried nearly every dating app that has surfaced over the last seven or so years (and still single *imagine eye roll here*). Just the other day I was talking to a man on The League and the fade out of our conversation when something like this.

He asks why I moved to Atlanta. "Job moves? or "Running away from something?"

I respond "Was trying to run away from contentment but fell right back in so now I'm seeking a career change"

Him: "How long does it take for you to create contentment? and whats your secret?"

Y'all. Whoever decided contentment is the goal has ruined the meaning of life for all of us.

And this is where I shamelessly insert a quote from aforementioned movie.

"God put you into the world so you can be something." - Brenda, The Last Word

I promise you, that something was not content. But content is defined as "a state of peaceful happiness". Sounds dreamy, no? Further defined as "satisfied with a certain level of achievement, good fortune, etc. and not wishing for more."

That's the part that gets me.

"Not wishing for more."

Why would I or anybody stop wishing for more? Wish for the most. The most number of experiences, the most happiness, the most knowledge, the most love... Wish for the most out of your life. Wish for fulfillment and not for contentment.


  • noun noun: fulfilment; noun: fulfillment; plural noun: fulfilments; plural noun: fulfillments 1. the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted. satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one's abilities or character.

There's the bomb. Too subtle? I have more - want more?

My friend, Janet, said to me the other day and this is a direct quote, "I honestly believe that you are meant to do something with your life that matters. Not just live every day doing the same damn thing just because that's what you're supposed to do." I actually said to my phone screen, "Preach, girl!"

And all of that brought me here. To my first blog post because I'm here in Atlanta and once again, I am content. I have a good job (and by that, I mean it pays the bills), great friends, a family who couldn't love or support me more, clothes on my back, a roof over my head - you know, the essentials. I could stay here. In this life and tomorrow will come and so will the next day.

But I want more. I want my life to be fulfilling. And so I'll continue to search and run and walk and crawl if I have to until I find my greatest self and meet my highest potential because I want the most. And friends... you should too.


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