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I tried the YourSuper 5-day Detox

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

This is NOT an ad. I did NOT receive compensation for this post. It is simply just a log of how I have chosen to invite my actual body back into the world with me (not sure what this one is that's with me now or who invited it to the party).

After three months of being in quarantine with my carb-eating family with no gym and no motivation to take care of my body, I was in immense need for a reboot. My internet must have known (as it always seems to) because the YourSuper mixes kept popping up on my Instagram feed. As usual, I did a bunch of Googling and researching and decided it would be worth a try. Here's what happened.

Prep: I didn't do a whole lot to prepare for this detox. I read a lot about it and I got two days in at the gym (this was all we were allowed at the time). Beyond that, I kept my typical eating habits (a full week of smoothies in the am, salads for lunch, and whatever I felt like eating for dinner) and chose not to cut out caffeine. I had also made the conscious decision that I was going to keep eating chicken and fish which is against the "plant-based" part of this detox. But I like protein and I workout pretty hard and so I decided to keep a little bit in there.

Day 1: Oh, that fateful Monday. I had prepared my smoothies the day before so I couldn't wimp out. I had also decided that I would go to the gym every day this week so my day went something like this.

7:45am Shake: Skinny Protein, Mellow Yellow, Banana, Mango, Spinach, and water. I didn't love the turmeric in the Mellow Yellow but otherwise, delicious.

10:45 rolled around and I was HUNGRY. I tried to subdue the hunger with water but it just wasn't working. So I snacked on some raw sugar snap peas and that got me through to my lunch time shake.

11:45 Shake: Forever Beautiful, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Spinach, Banana, Mango and water. DELICIOUS! I loved this one a lot and despite being super hungry, I took my time drinking it and it ended up being pretty filling.

WATER, WATER, WATER and MORE WATER. As with all of these detoxes and diets and cleanses - water is the only way to survive. It gets old, but it's lifesaving.

I'll be honest ... by this point, I was tired and hungry and just wanted to feel food in my mouth.

5:00 Crossfit Class: surprisingly had the energy to survive (I was skeptical) but was really looking forward to having a meal when I got home!

Dinner happened around 7:00PM and consisted of a plateful of about a cup of chicken, roasted broccoli, and sweet potatoes. I was in heaven.

Day 2: Switched it up a bit. Shake, Food, Shake. A more intense workout which did kick my butt but I survived and my shake was just right when I got home. Delicious.

Day 3: I kept my Shake, Food, Shake schedule. I have to admit, I was so so hungry. Keeping away from bad foods was really hard on this day. I do feel like I didn't drink enough water though and it was the third day in a row that I went to CrossFit after having done little to no working out in three months.

Day 4: Shake, Food, Shake and this time added the Energy Boost to the morning shake. I definitely felt less irritable and more energetic throughout the day, but was still pretty hungry.

Day 5: This was the day I felt my best. I followed the Shake, Food, Shake pattern again. The menu was routine by this point and it seemed as though my body had finally adjusted. Water satisfied my hunger cravings and overall, I wasn't even that hungry to start with. I did feel a little bit sluggish in my workout, but I am going to say that was because it's been a looooong time since I went to the gym 5 days in a row.

Day 6: Today, I measured my successes. I woke up earlier than I typically do feeling well-rested, energized, and ready to start my day ... at 6:00AM. On a Saturday? Get all the way out of here. Y'all this is UNHEARD of for me. I love my sleep and I cherish those Saturday mornings when I can finally just sleep endlessly. It had to be the detox, right?

I'm going to go with yes. On the numbers side. I am about 6lbs down and 3 inches off of my waist. I definitely feel like it was worth the money and am so excited that there is enough product to keep using it. Definitely going to make YourSuper a regular part of my life. At least for a little while.

If you decide to try it, use this link. You’ll get 15% off I’ll get reward points for my next purchase 🥑 Thanks, y’all!

Interested in seeing what happens next? Stay tuned! I'll document until I run out of product and share more insights along the way!


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