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The part where I talk about me.

I'd love to skip the introduction part of starting a blog, but you know that whole thing about first impressions. I am an intricately crafted over-thinker disguised as a regular, stuck, unsure and awkward 30-something. Up until recently, I was a goal-setter thriving only on the end game which was to open my own Montessori school by the time I turned 30. I set that goal 10 years ago and have come to realize, I was working so hard to get it that I didn't notice when I stopped actually wanting it.


Today, I find myself with no plan, no concrete goals, and just less than enough motivation to take the risk of starting over. All of that has brought me here. To a place where I can publicly express my observations of life and the world and develop some thoughts that will hopefully be inspiring, funny, informative, and helpful. You'll likely find the inspiration to be blunt, the humor to be dry, the information simple, and the help unexpected.

In my spare time I visit breweries wherever I am, I decorate cakes (random, I know), I workout (CrossFit), I analyze every small detail of my entire life waiting for my purpose to reveal itself. Okay, maybe that last part was a little dramatic ... but then, maybe it wasn't? Ugh, I don't know y'all. Let's see if we can figure this life thing out together?!

Also, i LOVE avocados. 

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